A Growing Elderly Population

As the population grays and lives longer, the demand for the care of the elderly has become a priority. According to the US Census Bureau, the number of older adults will continue to grow faster than any other age segment. As their numbers grow, their families require help caring for their special needs. However, the elderly have resisted entering institutions which means adult day services is poised perfectly to assist the elderly as they continue to live at home.

Adult day care services are expected to see a surge in admissions based on their cost structure. Compared with the annual placement cost for a nursing home ($60,000) or home care ($43,800), the average annual fees associated with programs such as SarahCare centers range from $10,000 to $15,000.

A Rewarding Opportunity

SarahCare offers a franchising opportunity that meets the two criteria for a successful and socially responsible business: a booming demographic market with even more potential for growth and excellent elder care. The SarahCare franchise allows entrepreneurs to become part of this expanding industry, while enriching their lives as they help older adults restore a sense of dignity and vibrancy to their lives.

Why franchise instead of opening a new business?

Franchising offers an opportunity for those seeking an independent business, but needing assistance in providing services to the elderly that reflects best business practices, maintains high standards of care, and promotes profitability. The franchiser provides an opportunity to develop the enterprise while providing structured guidance and assistance in all aspects of business operations. Rather than facing unforeseen risks associated with starting a new business franchisees receive instructions and training in areas ranging from management to personnel to marketing.

Statistics support this business model: franchise entrepreneurs tend to succeed. In a study of national franchise owners conducted by The Gallop Association; 1) More than nine of ten franchise owners said they considered their franchise to be either somewhat or very successful. 2) Nearly two-thirds of the franchise owners said they would purchase or invest in the same franchise business again if given the opportunity and 3) Two of three stated they believed they would be less successful if they had tried to open the same type of business on their own and not as part of the franchise system.